$150 - and up

Hair Treatments

Relaxer                                                                                                   $95-150

Permanent Wave                                                                                    $65-120
Keratin Express
For curly or unruly hair, our Keratin Express
Smoothing treatment, which includes keratin
protein and amino acid peptides, produces
immediate and noticeably smoother, shinier hair.
Results last four to eight weeks and help reduce
frizz and make blow-drying your hair at home
easier and faster. We recommend that you not
pin, clip, ponytail or wash your hair for twenty-
four hours after your Keratin Express treatment. 

Keratin Coppola
Similar to traditional straigteners, but less harsh
to your hair, the Coppola Keratin Treatment
infuses keratin, a natural protein, into the hair.
The treatment creates a smooth, shiny, 95%
frizz free head of hair for several weeks to
months, depending on how you care for it. For
the first three days after the treatment, you will
need to keep your hair dry and straight. Don’t
clip or ponytail the hair, and it is also advised
that you don’t push your hair back with glasses
or even behind your ears---no styling products
either. After 3 days, you can care and style your
hair as you normally would, but use shampoos
and conditioners that are free of sulfate and/or
sodium chloride.

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Hair Treatments

       Deep Conditioning                                                                                  $25 - $50

       Shampoo w/ Scalp Massage                                                                   $10

       Toner or Glazing                                                                                     $35