Medley Massage
50 minutes $125
80 minutes $155

Fusion of several massage modalities, such as deep-tissue, Swedish, reflexology, Thai, and cranial—customized to your wants and needs; includes hot stones.

Prenatal Massage
(50 minutes) $70
For women in their second and third trimesters, our pregnancy massage helps to reduce stress hormones in the body, improve mood and promote relaxation through specific massage techniques designed to lessen anxiety and tension.

(30 minutes) $45
Stimulating reflexes areas of the feet and hands properly can help many chronic and acute health concerns and is a modality of preventative maintenance. May also be added to any massage service.

Mini Massage
(30 minutes) $50
Massage of shoulders, neck and arms

Massage Enhancement of Aromatherapy $10

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Classic Swedish
50 minutes $65
80 minutes $95    
Smooth, gliding strokes promote relaxation and reduce pain and joint stiffness.

Deep-Tissue Massage
50 minutes $75
80 minutes $105    
Ideal for sufferers of chronic muscle tension, this technique uses slower strokes and more direct, deep pressure and friction applied across the grain of the muscles to relax the deeper layer of muscle tissue.

Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes $100
80 minutes $130    
Warm Basalt stones placed on the nerve centers relax and warm the muscles. This is combined with a gentle massage; ideal for those who do not like deep tissue, but need relief from muscle tension/strain.