Skin Renewal Therapies

These facials have been custom-designed for the needs of various skin types. The essence of a facial treatment at Europa Salon & Spa is to preserve your skin and maintain its vitality.

Classic Treatments

NEW!Express Treament
(30 Minutes) $45
Detoxify/hydrating/Plumping of skin

(45 minutes) $55

Signature Facial
(60 minutes) $85
Perfect for all skin types, this is a classic European, deep-cleansing facial, which includes facial, neck and hand massage.

NEW! Europa VIP Facial
(75 Minutes) $125
Customized for your skin type; all facials involve a deep cleansing, which include extractions to leave your skin feeling fresh and uplifted. Whether we address anti-aging or problem skin, use of our oxygen, high frequency and/or galvanic protocols are determined specifically for you.

Herbal Skin Peel
(45 minutes) $70
Through six different actions, bioactive botanicals enhance blood circulation, accelerate tissue repair and gentle exfoliate damaged skin; resurfaces the skin with minimal skin trauma.

(60 minutes) $80
Package of 5   $365

Increase the skin rejuvenation process at the cellular level while softening fine lines and minimizing age/sun spots.

Back Treatment
(60 minutes) $100
Deep pore cleansing "facial" of the back with steam, exfoliation, extractions and a mask.

Enhance your facial experience with additional treatments added to your service!

Firm & De-stress Eye Treatment             
Lip Contour Treatment

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Specialized Facial Treatments

Bio-Gommage Skin Care Facial
(75 minutes) $90
A superior exfoliation is today's defense against tomorrow's lines and wrinkles. This double enzymatic performance treatment, containing wheat extract and vitamins, transforms your complexion. These active agents accelerate exfoliation, erase surface wrinkles and reveal firmer, more radiant skin.

Hydration Facial
(75 minutes) $95
This treatment is by far the strongest, most natural and intensive treatment we use on the skin. It specifically targets dehydrated, sun-damaged, pre and postoperative facial tissue. The treatment bonds moisture within the inter-cellular spaces and is excellent for binding, healing and hydrating skin to maintain
the inner support of the epidermis.

Oxyceuticals Acne Treatment
(75 minutes) $100
Harmful bacteria is associated with acne breakouts and our oxygen treatment for acneic skin is a natural bactericide that clears clogged pores and nourishes the skin to lessen infection, inflammation and redness. For moderate to severe acne regular visits are recommended.

Anti-Aging Revitalizing Facial
(75 minutes) $105
An anti aging facial that cleanses and treats the skin with botanical extracts infused in a highly concentrated balancing mask improves the skin's tone. An intensive serum of essential Oligo Concentrate is massaged into the skin following the mask. This fluid is considered to be an anti-aging treatment, and provides a moisturizing and mineralizing action to enrich, nourish, detoxify and prevents skin tissue slackening.

Oxygen Facial
(75 minutes) $110
Hyperbaric oxygen---i.e., high-pressure oxygen---treatments, in various forms, have been around since the 1940's. Our oxygen facial delivers serum blends of vitamins A, C & E to the face for ultimate hydration therapy. Ideal for sensitive, dry or irritated skin, the pure oxygen gas helps immediately diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and regular treatments accelarate collagen production, which improves the skin's texture and tone.